We Have Moved

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We have moved to www.endlessshame.com there will not be any updates on this page!

Thank you for following us, “Please Move On

Best Regards

Endless Shame

Studio Session

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Hi All!
Today we had a studio session and recorded a lot of songs for our forthcoming album.
Here’s a few clips from the session.
Have a great weekend.
/Endless Shame

Thank you Germany

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Hi All!
We had a great time in Berlin and Dresden at the Electro City Moods, we played along side 5 other bands on both locations.
The other bands were Parralox, Ostrich, Versus, Empire In Dust and Pleasent Fiction.

In Berlin we played at the K17 Club and in Dresden the Tante JU Club. The crowd was fantastic and the venues were super cool, great sound and light. In Dresden we had a little help from Ostrich light crew to make our consert even a better experience.

We want to say thank you to all the people in the crowd and all the other bands and the organizer. Thank you all and we hope to see you soon!

Keep it up and tune in!

/Endless Shame

K17 Club

K17 Club

Food on the boat

Food on the boat

East and West

East and West

Tante Ju Club and Car wash

Tante Ju Club and Car wash



Italian Review

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Hi All!

We just got a nice review from the  Italian webzine Darkroom!

Please check it out!


Thank you Italy and Roberto! 😉

Tip Of The Day: Apple

We’re on iTunes

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Hi All!
I just want to let you know that “Unspoken Words” is now available on iTunes,  please follow this link to buy it!
There’s also hard copies available, check out the following link for the US and for the EU!

Thanks for tuning in!

Have a great week!

/Endless Shame

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Endless Shame Unspoken Words CD Cover

Endless Shame Unspoken Words CD Cover

Sweet Illusion Part II – Video

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Hi All!

Here’s our new video! Please share.

Sweet Illusion Part II taken from our album Unspoken Words


/Endless Shame

Video Shoot

•March 7, 2010 • 2 Comments

Yesterday we shoot a video for our song “Sweet Illusion Pt. II” we recorded it outside of our studio but inside 😉

We had a great time and we’d like to say thank you to Lottene for helping us out!

More info to come 😀

Endless Shame Video Shoot

You can listen to our music here and buy or latest record “Unspoken Words” here (for the US) or here (for the EU)

See you! /Endless Shame

Summer In Berlin

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Germany, here we come!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all in Germany in May this Year!
We’ll be playing the Electro City Moods Festival in Berlin and Dresden.

Be There!

Electro City Moods

More info here

Other bands are:
Empire In Dust
Pleasant Fiction

/Endless Shame

Review in Side-Line

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Hi All!

We just recieved a reveiw from side-line.com of our album “Unspoken Words”

Have a nice weekend!

/Endless Shame

The “Pure”-maxi was a real strong appetizer to await the 2nd full length of Endless Shame. Let’s face the truth, Sweden has been always one of the uncontestable leading countries in producing good synth-pop music. We are all reminded of bands like Spock, Elegant Machinery, State Machine etc which were real famous bands during the 90s. In times of world-wide economic crisis and illegal download platforms it’s no longer possible to get bands with the same number of sales. Endless Shame however can be tipped as one of the next possible leading formations in synth-pop land. I think their new album has an impressive potential to satisfy the pop lovers. “Pure(linked to TV performance of the Demo-version) is a judicious choice to open the album. The song is a familiar one (if you already heard the maxi) and brings all requested and successful ingredients of good pop music together. It’s a carrying and melodious piece of music that will push the listener to dance. I still like the bass line of the song, which is terrific. Next comes “My Creation”, which sounds in a similar vein. “Pure” (linked to sound clip) remains the absolute hit, but this other song has a very strong appeal as well. This is goodmusic led by a talented pop vocalist. On “Holy Ground” Endless Shame are like mixing pop and soft EBM forms reminding me a bit of And One. The bass line of this song is once more outstanding while the sequences will give you a good mood feeling. “No Tomorrow” shows an elaborated song writing with noticeable soundsculptures. Next comes “Sweet Illusion Part 2”, which is without a shadow of a doubt the other potential ‘hit’. The carrying chorus is pure sensory joy. The song has been reinforced by guitar riffs, which is damned good idea. This is the kind of song all synth-pop lovers will be pleased with. The last part of “Unspoken Words” is dominated by another familiar song. “Jericho” is another extract from the “Pure”-Mcd and brings this album to a last real apotheosis. The carrying melody line is once again well-crafted and sensational. This album confirms all the potential of this band and I definitely think this is the newest sensation from the A Different Drum stable!
Band: www.endlessshame.com / www.myspace.com/endlessshame
Label: www.adifferentdrum.com / www.myspace.com/adifferentdrum

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Interview on Synth.nu

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There’s a new interview posted on the Synth.nu website.

It’s in Swedish, but off course Google translate can help! 😉

Have a nice weekend.

/Endless Shame