Well…there’s something called Eurovision (Melodifestivalen) going on i Sweden right now, It’s a competition in music and the winner will have to go to Moscow and defend the swedish colours.

This weekend was the so called “2nd chance” part of  competition, i.e a few of the entries who didn’t make it in the first round got a second chance to make to the final. The final will be held this weekend.

Anyway, one of the entries this Saturday was a group called “Star Pilots” and their song “Higher” Sonme people say “Higher” sounds alot like “Cabin Crew – Waiting for a star to fall” ( I really enjoyed the SurvivorEye Of The Tiger – part! 😀 )

Also there’s a song called “Snälla Snälla” (Please, Please) (I thought the song was called Snälla, Snälla, Snälla, I saw the fisrt performance of the song and I’m quite sure that was the title then) featuring Caroline Af Ugglas which got to the finals from the 2nd chance, this song beat the Star Pilot song.
The Swedish nation seem to have a split decision about this.

What’s my opinion? Well as long as people can enjoy music, they should.
May the best song win!
All though it’s a song competition!

Will Endless Shame be featured in the Eurovision? Probobly most unlikely at this stage!

On the Endless Shame side….we’ve added some videos to our Reverbnation page, 3 in fact, one for the Saudade remix and then two from our TV-performance, both Rebel Girl and Pure (Pure will be featured on our upcoming album – Unspoken Words, which will be released on the label A Different Drum)

Tip Of The Day : Pet Shop BoysNew single coming up from their album “Yes”


~ by endlessshame on March 9, 2009.

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