Fast food?

Well, what is actually considered fast food?

Well in my world, and hopefully in other peoples world too, it’s when you order some food (Burger, fires, hot dog, wraps, or whatever) and you receive it within a minute or two or at the most 5 minutes.

I normally don’t eat fast food but last week I had to do it, and it was not a very pleasant experience…due to the fact of wasting time, I have been to several of the “major” fast food restaurants this past week and I can’t belive the time it took to get a restaurant-ordinaier burger with fries and I had to wait for at least 10 minutes. The staff (on all theese resturants) are doing their best, but I can not accept to wait 10 minutes for a burger! So no more fast food for me for a while, they shouldn’t be allowed to call it fast food (well I do eat it fast!! 😉 )

Shame on all you fast food restaurants in my hometown! Rubbish!

Tip Of The Day : Proper food – to be found in a proper resturant near you or in your home!


~ by endlessshame on June 11, 2008.

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