Happy Easter?

Well, It’s time for some holidays….but Endless Shame will be working in the studio on some of the days during the holiday.

Another thing that I think is amazing is the fact about the Internet, all the communities and all web pages consisting of music. We are on a few of them and the response is quite amazing sometimes. I don’t know which one i like the best but I’d say Myspace, Trig and Reverb Nation (more sites can be found in ‘links’ section) is a very effective way of spreading the word. I guess there’s loads of other views like this all over t’internet but I’d like to share my view.

Endless Shame has been on Myspace for a little bit more than a year, and we’ve had 13652 profile views and we’ve had 12865 ‘plays’ of our songs. For a band that (hopefully) is up and coming I’m glad about the result, it does actually mean that more than 10000 people have heard about us:)

Although it’s all about networking. I have to become your friend to be able to become your friends friend and so on. But still it’s possible to spread you word very quickly.

And it’s a very good way to find new music and other interesting people. Also you can become a friend of your own idols…

If you’d like to support us via a banner or such likes, please let us know, and we will send you the code for you to paste in to your webpage.

Tip Of The Day : Wikipediawhere else can you find useless and useful information.

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~ by endlessshame on March 19, 2008.

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