Madonna – 4 Minutes…

I was in London about a year ago to see some friends and to join a reunion party for my old job. I was also trying to get Endless Shame a record deal with Mute Records.

I hadn’t been in London for about 3 years and the town looked the same but Mute had moved to another part of London, not too far away, but no one knew where to find Mute, and I walked up and down Hammersmith Road in Shepherd’s Bush for ages and I ended up at EMI instead, I tried to get to talk to the A&R but he/they weren’t available.

I decided to see a friend instead, and I went to Westbourne Studio’s where she was working and we had a coffee at the inhouse cafe’. I then decided to go to my old job and talk to some old colleagues. The studio was in a ‘secure state’ due to the fact that Madonna, Justin and Timbaland was in the studio recording. I ‘met’* Justin briefly. (he seems to be an alright bloke). I didn’t meet Madonna this time or Mr Timbaland at all.

I guess they were recording ‘4 minutes‘….or some other song for the album Hard Candy.

Madge & Justin

Tip Of The Day : Gareth Jonesa very well known Music Producer, Engineer, Programmer

* He was standing in the corridor watching TV….. 😉


~ by endlessshame on March 18, 2008.

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